September 25, 2019

Automattic gets a deposit of $300M from Salesforce

This is massive news for anyone using a WordPress website. Salesforce just invested a whopping $300 Million into Automattic (the folks that bring you WordPress). According to the article on Silicon Valley, the company’s total raised over $617 million! Yikes!  While Automattic Inc., has it's hands in many profitable ventures, including a recent (not as profitable) acquisition of Tumblr.

This not only strengthens Automattic, but certainly reinforces WordPress stability, longevity and overall success in the following decades. Great news for programmers in this arena as well; Work guarantee. Way to go Matt!

WordPress has matured significantly over the years and is a stable product in almost every web development company's arsenal. It's not everything, but it can solve a majority of front end management and maintenance for a lot of users. With the advent of high quality commercial themes, builders and plug-ins, there is little reason not to use it.  WordPress success is evident in the percentage of the web it owns. Last count it was over 30 percent. Pretty impressive.

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