August 6, 2021

Cut the Spam Off

Spam is part of our lives, but we can reduce it in every possible way. Previously, we've discussed unsubscribing and removing yourself from useless emails that you may, or may not have signed up for. Most of these are pretty straight forward. If they have an unsubscribe link, you can do it.

However, "form spam", or spam from your own website's contact form is currently "WAY TOO HIGH" at this time. We have implemented Google captchas, and many other techniques to slow or attempt to stop the spam. It still continues. How? Believe it or not, there are people, humans, figuring out the captchas for the spam bots. Yes, they get paid pennies to answer captchas all day. Sounds thrilling!

So, Webix has brought out the Panda. What? No, not a real Panda. Specifically, we've implemented a simple question on all of the contact forms, "A Panda is black and ...". You guessed it, bots are not programmed to understand and answer questions in the form. Sure, fields like "email" and "Address" etc, but when a specific question and answer, it stumbles. The form will only allow it to continue based on the "condition" that the form has the right answer.

Why doesn't everyone do this? Good question. So far the spam has almost completely and 100% stopped on ALL of the contact forms across many client websites. Webix will continue to implement whatever it takes to 'not fill up our inboxes' with unnecessary communication and sales pitches. By far, we're really tired of the old scams as well.

Contact us today for your spam removal.

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