March 23, 2020

Don't waste time with E-mail SPAM

Email SPAM can eat up your precious time unlike no other distraction! Yes, that's right. We have met with customers that actually spend 2 to 3 hours a day deleting spam in their inbox. Why? Well, it's because they do not know any better. Regardless, if they were never curious to search for a solution, or their email provider did not educate them in effective spam management. Can you imagine spending almost half your day deleting unwanted emails? It happens.

We monitor hundreds, if not thousands, of email accounts for spam abuse and general effectiveness in spam prevention. While the majority of properly configured email servers will have a built-in spam filtering, such as Spam Assassin, that may not stop the onslaught of email that is unwanted. Which brings us another point. Many times these customers are deleting what they call "spam" and it's actually email that they were subscribe to or they received it unsolicited (many times they signed up for the email and forgot.) I always first recommend to unsubscribe from as many of the"spam" emails as possible. This tends to reduce the email significantly. However, they may actually have real, actual spam. Email you cannot unsubscribe from. Even if the unwanted email contains an unsubscribe link.

The next step is to put a better email spam filter in front of the mail server. This is not uncommon. Postini, was one of the leaders in the market with a real-time email spam filter. However, they were purchased by Google many years ago and Google implemented that technology into their Gmail services. While that is just one spam filtering service there may others in the marketplace. We have had a great success with Proof Point. With these type of spam filtering servers in front of the mail server, it's much more rare that actual spam gets through. In addition, with these services, you receive a notice email from the spam server listing all emails that are quarantined (possibly identified as spam). This is great because you can quickly scan through it and determine what is actionable and what is not. A majority that time there's no action needed.

In conclusion, with a properly configured spam filtering, you can avoid wasting hours of deleting unwanted emails. Contact us today to find out how we can make more time for you.

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