September 17, 2019

New Webix Website

We finally got around to working on our own website. But the guilt level is very high. Why? Because it's not really an income producing project, however, it has a significant impact on our outward appearance. So, hence, we better have something than just a 1 page website. Although, the 1 page site really cover everything... in pitiful bullet points. :/

While the front end of the site is pretty simple and kinda cute, we really focused on the backend. We need something that is super light and can be maintained 3 years from now when we have to update it for the new HD Hologram pop ups. Oh yeah, it's not here just yet, but around the corner, you can guarantee that something will need to be adjusted, changed or even overhauled to keep up with today's frantic technology pace.

It was barely 40 years ago and we had no idea that a phone could be without wires. Sure, the tech was there, but the processes, materials and knowhow was not.

Forward, we hope that this new website will give potential customers some transparency in our work. And existing customers a feeling of comfort that we have something else to do when they have zero updates! This blog will probably have topics all over the place, but it can serve as a internal compass to what Webix is up to in the realm of internet change. Thanks for reading and subscribe to ... something!


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