October 1, 2019

WordPress is still about Education

Just like any software, there is evolution. WordPress is no different. As it continues to grow, so does the continued education of clients and developers of WordPress. This is not a bad thing, however, it is something many web developers tend to not embrace. There is a "build-it and leave-it" mentality. As if it's some castle made of stone. Time and time again, we discover a web site that was built years ago, never updated, nor maintained. Typically something is broken or not displaying correctly and the potential customer is concerned.

If vacated castles have any chance of standing the test of time, they must be maintained. Bad things can happen when a web developer leaves a website stagnant. Abandoned plugins can be potential security threats. The WordPress core and sometimes the actual theme needs updating too to keep it in check.

Web developers need to maintain their "stuff"! That's a mild way of putting it. If a web developer cannot phantom continued support and updates for the build, they need a plan of action for the website to be updated in the future. Regardless if that's in a managed environment or some other automated updating of the WordPress core and related plug-ins. This will give the website a tiny shot to survive among the billions of websites on the internet.

When malware and other intrusive code is in your website, it's a guarantee that Google (and many other search partners) will block the actual website from showing up. Extreme SSL issues can cause this as well as "not playing fair" rules Google and other search engines implement.  If it gets too extreme, Google will sandbox your domain in time and beep-bop-boop, there goes your email.

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